The Revista Latinoamericana de Química is an international journal of chemistry and related areas of natural products. Publisher three times a year by Laboratorios Mixim S.A. de C.V México D.F.

The following areas are covered:

  1. Organic Chemistry. Will be published works on organic reaction, synthesis, mechanisms, spectroscopy, photochemistry, heterocyclic and organo-metallic compounds, their structural determination and application.
  2. Bio-Organic. Will be published works on bioactive organic compounds, carbohydrates, lignanes, wood chemistry, bioenergetic, lipids, growth hormones and their structures-activity relationships.
  3. Ecological Biochemistry. Will be published works on biochemical adaptations of plants, pollination biochemistry, plant growth regulators, plant toxins and their effects on animals, phytoecdysones, antifeedants, herbivore plant defense and insect feeding preferences, utilization of plant substances by animals and all aspects of biochemical plant pathology, phytotoxins, phytoalexins, insecticides and herbicides of biological origin and allelopathic aspect of them.
  4. Phytochemistry. Will be published works on biosynthesis of secondary metabolites, constituents of microbial systems, higher plants and marine sources, chemotaxonomy, structural elucidation of new secondary metabolites, alkaloids, coumarins, flavonoids, phenylpropanoids, polyketides, terpenoids, and other miscellaneous compounds.
  5. Biological activities of medicinal plants. Will be published works on rigorous and ethically conduced investigation of the biological activity of plants used in the traditional medicine of different cultures. Pharmacological and toxicological action mechanisms are especially welcome. Bioassay-guided isolation and biological activities of phytochemicals are also welcome. Clinical efficacy, safety and pharmacovigilance of herbal medicines will be considered.
  6. Analytical evaluation of herbal medicines and raw materials. Will be published works on the development and validation of analytical methods for medicinal plants and commercial herbal products. Pharmacognosy studies are welcome, especially those that provide the bases to development pharmacopeial monographs.
  7. The papers which cut across these sections or which are on any other aspect of natural products research and chemistry will also be considered.

The Revista Latinoamericana de Química will accept the following contributions:

  1. Original research articles. Should contain concise papers representing significant contributions of respective research, completely documented and being in agree with the indications on divisions of the work, without limit of pages.
  2. Short report. Should contain concise papers representing significant contributions to scientific knowledge, accordingly with the same indication that for articles, with 6-8 pages of manuscript.
  3. Reviews and Commentaries by invitation only.